Connect at Impact

We believe church is not just for a Sunday, and that we are better together! We have lots of mid week groups and programs plus teams that you can connect in with and build deep and lasting friendships, because every life matters.

We are committed to supporting and serving our local community as well as having a global impact. 

We are advocates for every member of our society. 

As a member of a team with Impact you will become an essential part of this rewarding work.

Five reasons to join a Connect and Serve team at Impact

1. Your community needs you

Impact has many programs, courses, projects and businesses that build stronger, healthier, happier communities across this nation as well as global

As a part of a team you help support these services, as well as help build your church, community and transform lives. 

Whether you’re serving in an office or cafe or in one of the amazing programs, maintenance or simply being there for someone who needs a friendly person to talk to, you will be making a real difference in your community.

2. You’ll make friends and build strong relationships

Everyone who serves at Impact is in a team. You will work alongside people from all walks of life with different personalities, skill sets, backgrounds, interests, careers and stories - all united by the desire to do all the good they can! Connecting with people who share your passion for a cause or social issue creates a path to developing strong relationships with others.

3. You’ll learn a lot and feel good about yourself

Joining the team can take you outside your comfort zone, revealing strengths you never knew existed and boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Having new experiences can help you discover a new passion, and working alongside experts in the field will help you gain the skills and contacts to pursue that passion.

4. Joining the Team is good for your career

Joining a team exposes you to a variety of skill sets and experiences that you can turn into transferable skills, making you a more versatile, attractive employee. And if you’re interested in entering the work force, joining a team is a great way to get a foot in the door and gain some valuable experience for your resume.

5. Joining the Team gives you a sense of purpose

Joining a team gives you the opportunity to help people find a place to BELONG.

Every person matters so you will be joining a team passionate about making a difference in their church, communities, nation and world.

If you'd like to get connected, we'd love to help you find your fit!

Fill out your details below and any areas you are interested in and one of our team members will get back to you shortly!            PO Box 5187 Erina Fair, Erina NSW 2250            02 4367 6767