Truth - Ps Phil Newman

20th September 2020

‘To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”’

John 8:31-32 (NIV)

The film “A Few Good Men” finishes with a court case when Jack Nicholson is pressured on the witness stand by a lawyer played by Tom Cruise.  Under enormous pressure to finally confess the truth, Jack yells: “You can’t handle the truth!”  Tom wasn’t asking for opinion. He wasn’t asking for ideas. He wasn’t asking for perspective. He wanted the truth.

In 2020, we have limitless access to opinion, ideas, experiences and perspectives.  Google searches, social media feeds, blogs, even some journalism articles are made up of a blogger’s opinion, a writer’s experiences, a person’s interpretation, an investigator’s findings.  You can spend hours (and many do) searching for the elusive “truth” that will bring change in their lives.

Jesus was revealing this to his disciples (and, subsequently, to us) in John 8.

Freedom doesn’t come from someone’s opinion.

Freedom doesn’t come from a commentator’s interpretation of scripture.

Freedom doesn’t come from your past experiences.

Freedom doesn’t come from your experiences.

Freedom comes from Jesus: His Word, His way, His example, His teaching.

When you are searching for answers, breakthrough, revelation, understanding (the truth), let your first port of call be Jesus.  Search the Word of God for what THE truth is.  Test every opinion with HIS truth.  Renew your mind with HIS truth.  Silence contrary voices.  Reflect on whether you are being shaped by man’s opinion or Jesus’ truth.  Make the necessary adjustments (no matter what it takes).

Sure: commentaries, opinions, sermons and inner meditations can confirm and deepen our understanding of the truth Jesus teaches, but it can never replace the clear voice of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The freedom you are searching for and need (and deserve) is found through the truth of Jesus.

With your families and gatherings this week, we encourage you to chat about today's #ImpactOnline message.

1. Who is the most influential “teaching" voice in your life and why?

2. What is a truth you need to remind yourself of, to keep it “current”?

3. What do you need to change? What truth will help you?

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