Seeds - Rachel Weston

8th July 2020

“What I’m about to tell you is true. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only one seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

John 12:24 (NIRV)

How wonderful to be celebrating 40 years of ministry for Impact Church. It is such an amazing time to celebrate those who have gone before and laid the foundations of what we are a part of today, now across Australia in many campuses. These faithful leaders have sown seeds that we see the fruit of today.  Therefore, may we also be encouraged that seeds are still being sown and harvests are still being harvested – for this is a mandate from the Kingdom of God.  Genesis 8:22a says “As long as the earth lasts, there will always be a time to plant and a time to gather the crops.”

However, let’s take a moment to consider this seed.  I have always loved a bit of biology (not that my gardening skills reveal that at all), but if we look closely at a seed you will see the potential for a shoot and root in it, surrounded by food storage, enough to sustain the seed until it can make its own food.  When the right conditions are met and the root and shoot begin to grow, the ‘seed’ that we see sustains this plant, but after 21 days the leaves are developed enough to begin the process of the plant making its own food through photosynthesis. 

However, until day 29 the stored food is used together with the plant’s own food to sustain the plant.  Only on day 32 is the shoot now fully supported by its own food-making facility and then – get this – by day 40 it now sustains the root as well! That’s right – 40 days after the seed began to germinate it can now sustain itself and make its own food, therefore giving it the potential to be as big as it needs to be, go as deep as it needs to go, be as wide as it needs to be to fulfil the purpose of the seed that was planted.  No longer does it rely on the stored food that it contained on the day it was planted. That means, that after these 40 days it has a whole new beginning.  

Looking into the life of Impact, we are perched on an exciting precipice…40 years since the church was sown, 40 years of sowing by those who have gone before us, those who have given their time, talents, giftings and callings to see our communities impacted with the message of Jesus!  So what does that mean now? It means that we are poised to take our next step, to become a fully mature ‘plant’ ready to make its own seeds and to have a bigger impact than ever before.

Don’t take these days lightly, because these days are gifted to us from the sowing of leaders that have gone before.  We are poised today in this greatness because of those who have sacrificed over the last 40 years. May today bring new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around us, in our communities and in our campuses.

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