Seasons - Andrew Paton

1st June 2020

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”  

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

One of my favourite things as I walk in the mornings is seeing the changes that happen with the trees. It is so wonderful watching the changes as the different seasons pass.   One of the most beautiful seasons is spring. The leaves are full and green and oh so beautiful! A true sign that God is doing something. Nevertheless, the cold begins to hit. As the mornings become colder and the trees begin to shed their leaves in the autumn, it is also a beautiful season to behold. Colours and leaves everywhere.  Then winter hits, and the branches are stripped of any sign of life or blessing. It can be easy to look at them and see the bare twigs and wonder if any life will ever return. However, something amazing happens as the trees stand strong and planted through these barren seasons. They begin to show buds of life and suddenly burst with colour and vividness as the spring hits.  It can seem like this in life too. We can look at the season and wonder why there is no fruit in this season. It is especially hard when we look at a season that is unfamiliar like our current circumstances. It is so much easier when we know that it will eventually change in the next couple of weeks or months.  But what if we don’t know when it will change? Do we still stand strong and believe that eventually our bare twigs will spring forth with the life of spring?  This is where faith comes in! God knows the seasons. He is not surprised by the seasons we face. God still controls the seasons. What we need to do is plant, trust and wait for the fruit. Let’s face this season with faith and an expectation that even though it is unfamiliar, it is no surprise to God.

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