Imitation - Rachel Weston

15th June 2020

“Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” 

1 Corinthians 11:1 (ESV)

Nothing makes me smile more than watching my kids (usually only the little ones now) imitating me, well at least in the good things! As I was doing painting projects outside today, Mr 5 wanted to paint his cubby house. Setting him up with the paint pots, his brushes and art smock, he entertained himself for hours painting, just like mum. He smiled delightfully as he did just as I was doing. He was so proud to show me he had painted his windowsills, pictures of vegetables on his walls, his shelves, tables, and so much more. I was so grateful it was his cubby house, not my house!  (Oh, by the way, I didn't paint my name on the house). However as I watched him, the prayer in my heart was that he would not only imitate me in these things, but more so in my walk with God. My prayer is that as he watches me read the Word, his desire would grow for the Word. As I worshipped, he too would lift his hands in worship. As I prayed, he too would learn to pray from a hungry heart. My desire is that he will learn to imitate me in the way I imitate Christ. There also is my next challenge, as I go through my day, do I reflect Christ to my children, to those who I am walking life's journey with, to my friends, neighbours and colleagues? There are times my reactions aren't the reactions of Christ, so this is my challenge today. I want to imitate Christ more; I want to shine His light to those around me. I do this by keeping my eyes on Jesus, His nature is revealed in His Word. His presence releases power in my life to change to be more like Him... this is where you will find me today.

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