Holy Spirit Helper - Bec Gavin

12th October 2020

But the Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor—Counsellor, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will help you remember everything that I have told you.” 

John 14:26 (AMP)

“You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. You’re blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. That’s right—you don’t go off on your own; you walk straight along the road he set.”

Psalm 119:1-3 (MSG)

My little boy Eli has started helping me with little jobs around the house.  After he has had a meal in his highchair, I always grab the broom, sweep the floor and then grab the dustpan and smaller broom to remove the food scraps. 

A few weeks ago, Eli shocked me by pointing towards the broom as soon as I got him out of the highchair.  He knew what was to happen next and he loved helping me sweep and tidy the floor. He even grabbed the dust pan next!  He just loves copying and being a part of the action.  I really love that he likes to help me, and it makes all of the boring chores around the house more fun (they just take a lot longer!).

As I thought about him being my little helper, it reminded me of the Holy Spirit’s role in my own life.  At times, it can feel like we are navigating life on our own, stumbling around in the dark and looking for the light switch.  It can be hard to know what decisions to make and we can find ourselves wondering if we’re headed in the right direction.  It would be a lot easier if we had a guide or a ‘GPS’ to make all the right decisions for us!

As Christians, we have something far better than a GPS and it never makes mistakes!  The Father has sent the Holy Spirit to us as our Helper to be our guide.  Just like a blind person might hold tight to their personal guide, so we also need to cling to the Holy Spirit, looking for God’s leading, direction and caution.  The Holy Spirit is not only our helper but also our ‘Advocate, Comforter, Intercessor, Counsellor, Strengthener and Standby’.  Sounds like a Swiss Army knife, fit for all occasions, and ready to be called into action!

Honestly, I think I forget about my Helper at times, and I think I’d be a lot more confident if I would just remember what’s in my pocket - the Swiss Army Knife - the Holy Spirit!

As you walk along through today and this week, may you remember God’s very presence, YOUR Helper is closer than your very breath!

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