Families - Ps Phil Newman

21st June 2020

"God sets the lonely in families..."

Psalm 68:6a (NIV)

There is a widespread, growing problem around the world: loneliness. 

As social media connections grow, relational disconnection grows too. As online profiles are shared, authentic transparency grows harder and riskier to show. Abuse, prejudice, racism and betrayal (and more), are all systemic problems that cause people (including you and I), to scatter, disconnect and isolate - all in the name of self-protection.

Into this reality, Jesus brings a message of reconciliation and deep connection. Jesus declares that our differences aren’t a reason to be disconnected, but a reason to be celebrated. Self-created isolation in the name of self protection is a counterfeit for godly, healing and beautiful community.

There are lots of families.

Biological family.

Church family.

Work family.

Social family.

No family is perfect. My family isn’t perfect and neither is yours. HOWEVER, God sets me there to build the connections that are vital for me to become the person he’s made me to be, AND to serve others so they can become who they are meant to be. When you move in the Holy Spirit, love as Jesus loves, forgive as you’ve been forgiven, and serve with all your heart, IMPERFECT families become environments of PERFECT love, dreams, healing and blessing.

No wonder God chose families as the place to 'set' each one of us, including you.

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