Back to the Future - Ps Ian Zerna

5th July 2020

"And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever."

Joshua 4:7b (NIV)

Back to the Future

God commanded Israel to set up 12 stones as a memorial and reminder of the supernatural crossing at the Jordan River, where they walked through raging waters to possess the promised land! It was God’s way for future generations to see the miraculous power of God at work for them in possessing their future promises. It was God’s reminder to go "Back to the Future". Today is the 40th anniversary of Impact Church.  We celebrate this milestone in our history as  a “memorial stone” to remind us of the miracles, blessings and fulfilled promises that He has already done. He is reminding us of His mighty power and to stir faith in us to possess our future promises. Remember we serve a supernatural and powerful God as we look at some of the incredible memorial stones of our 40 year history.

  • July 1980: Pastor Brian and Bobbie Houston pioneered our church which quickly grew to around 100 people.

  • 1981: Pastor Kevin and Marilyn Brett moved from New Zealand to pastor our church for the next 16 years, and it grew to around 700 people.

  • 1997: Yvonne and myself relocated from Gawler in South Australia to pastor our church.

  • 1998: We secured 5 acres of land and raised $2.2 million dollars in our “Time to Build” program.

  • 2001: Opened the first stage of our $5 million dollar building.

  • 2010: Fire completely destroyed the building.

  • 2012: Relaunched with the “Impact Model” property and opened 24/7 with businesses, building a relational bridge and serving our community.

  • 2014: Barossa became our first additional campus which was quickly followed by 5 other locations.

  • 2020: COVID-19 saw the launch of our online program which has expanded our reach to 1000s of people each week, and prepared us for even more effective strategies that will take us into our future.

Today we look "back to the future” as we recognise God’s faithfulness and supernatural power at work with so many miraculous provisions over the last four decades.  All of this is to prepare us for the greatest season ahead for each one of you and our Impact family.  Yvonne and I love, appreciate and thank each one of you for being a valued part of this miraculous journey knowing that the “Best is yet to come!

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