A father's influence - Ps Ian Zerna

6th September 2020

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children...”  

Proverbs 13:22a (NIV)

This scripture encourages us with the power of a father's legacy that is passed on as an inheritance, not only to his children but also to his grandchildren.

An inheritance is not just measured in material wealth, but passing on an example of integrity, godly character, life principles and promises that will be outworked in the generations that follow. That is a true legacy!

As followers of Christ we are richly blessed. Some of us have also received an inheritance and legacy from three Fathers!

1. Our natural fathers

I am extremely appreciative of my father’s example of living a life fully committed to Jesus. He passed on to me great examples of loving my mother, a great work ethic, integrity, and love for Jesus and one another. Although he went to be with Jesus 6 years ago, he still lives on in my heart as one of my heroes!

You may not have had the privilege of your father being a great model or mentor or leaving you with a godly inheritance, but God makes up for it to us in other ways.

2. Our spiritual fathers

Paul identified himself as a spiritual father to the churches that he established. With that came an incredible legacy of faith, life principles and promises that are still outworking in the wider church today!

As we identify our spiritual fathers, there comes with it a legacy or impartation of the same faith and grace that is on them. There is a transference of gifts, purpose, grace and wisdom from being around them.

Our spiritual fathers help shape our lives and generations to come in amazing ways!

3.  Our Heavenly Father  

God introduces Himself to us as our Heavenly Father. He has given us an amazing inheritance through Jesus. He calls us His sons and daughters.

He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing and everything we need to live this life abundantly. He has given us eternal life as well as eternal rewards to look forward to. 

We have been given a hope, a great future, peace, joy, acceptance and unconditional love. He has given us salvation, a purpose for living. 

As we live throughout eternity we will enjoy the everlasting legacy that that has been given to each of us.

As we celebrate Father's Day today, let us show appreciation to our Heavenly Father and the Fathers that have been great role models in our lives as we reflect on the legacy that is ours to enjoy!

Have a blessed day!

With your families and gatherings this week, we encourage you to chat about today's #ImpactOnline message.

1. How has the example of your biological father influenced and shaped your life?

2. Do you recognise a spiritual father?

3. How has he influenced and shaped your life?

4. Is it easy for you to relate to God as your heavenly Father?

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